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Now I know, I am getting old – these days I mostly think only about my health. Well, there is a good-enough reason for that really, I had a tonsillectomy a few days ago. Yes, I had to look up that word. And there are many things you only hear from your friends and family […]


see: definitions of Odium, if you don’t know the word. Kurjus (original title in Swedish: Ondskan)Jan GuillouTranslated into Estonian by Vladimir Beekmanthe book in Wikipediathe movie in Wikipedia Last night around 3AM I finished a book, something Wikipedia says is the first book that a majority of people who in their teens first become interested […]


On the occasion of yearly Valentine’s Day I thought I’d write a bit about how I feel about love. I love it. That’s it! Well, there was more to say about it. First thing being that there is so much meaning connected to that word that ordinarily you don’t express it very often. Well, maybe […]


I seem to be an exception when it comes to music (or is it common and I haven’t noticed?). I really can enjoy practically every kind of music, I don’t choose the style even loosely. I have tried to rationalize and find a common element in all the bands I love, but I have failed […]

Writing vs social situations

I love writing. More than speaking, more than socializing, more than messaging, calling, conversing, arguing … more than anything. I am that egocentric. I always find something to write about, just as there is always something to think about. What I want, my little life, my hopes, dreams, happenings… What I did, what I should […]