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How I appreciate art

This is in part a reply to Mongolian Deathworm’s comment to Unconquerable Wet Fire. Although I enjoy painting and some other activities that might be called art, I am not a big art appraiser myself. I might find something nice, but most of the items are somehow boring – or maybe that’s what bad art […]

Dune – the whole series with sequels and prequels to Frank’s books

My friend DukeLupus recently finished the series of Dune books and posted an article in his blog about the last books (Hunters of Dune, Sandworms of Dune). I am the Kaja he thanked for loaning the books. And he asked me if I could post my comments on the series as well. I’ll try. But […]

Laziness hurts in the end

Last weekend a friend of mine – whom I had had as a friend long time ago and now our friendship was renewed – gave me some music. I copied it to my !New Folder, where there were other folders of half-unlistened albums from two other friends as well. Some of them from very long […]

Unconquerable Wet Fire

Today I did what I haven’t done for ages. What I should have done months ago. I made photographs of my paintings – to be uploaded here and to my homepage. The paintings were ready in November, but I haven’t took the time to take pictures of them. By the way – taking a good […]

To skirt or not?

I have been to work in skirt for two days now. I had some perfectly good reasons to: My usual jeans are hopelessly threadbare, even having holes in indecent places. Other trousers I have are hopelessly out of fashion and don’t even fit any more (they have stretched bigger – I haven’t lost weight). There […]