Milline on hea (IT-)analüütik?

Minu endised ja praegused kliendid teevad mulle küllalt tihti seda komplimenti, et küsivad, kas ma saaksin veel mõnda nende projekti ette võtta; või kasvõi kedagi soovitada, kes samavõrd hea oleks. Kuidas aga sellist inimest leida? Ma pean analüütiku tööd lihtsalt õpitavaks – kui ma oma vanaemale selgitasin, mida ma tööna teen, siis ta imestas, et […]

See on kõik osa seiklusest!

Ma kirjutan seda päikselisest Hispaaniast. Ma ei ole siin puhkusel – ma töötan. Ma ei ole siin ka töölähetusel, ja mul ei ole siin töökohta. Ma töötan arvutiga, suurem osa ajast online, ja elan kus iganes ma tahan. Järgmine nädal ma ei ole enam Hispaanias vaid hakkan sõitma vaikselt kodu suunas. Ma olen digitaalne nomaad […]

Introducing – AZZZA!

AZZZA is first a web shop where micro entrepreneurs can sell their stuff – and anyone can buy some amazing stuff that they might not known even existed. What makes it exciting for micro entrepreneurs, in my mind at least, is the aspect of CRM plus services to those micro entrepreneurs on the back end side of that shop. Indeed, it’s not mandatory for a micro entrepreneur to sell their products or services publicly on AZZZA front page – they could just use the app to organize their work and processes better.

Keep It Simple, Stupid

How often I have said so to someone… And how often I have actually realized I have not done so myself. Again, I did so when starting with entrepreneurship. Of course, everybody says that in entrepreneurship, if people are not laughing when you tell them what you’re planning to do, you’re not aiming high enough, so […]

Lesson #1: You Are Blindest Where You Believe You Are Strongest

Repurposing this blog was kind of a spur-of-the-moment thing for me. Especially doing so in the middle of the night, right now. But I wanted to share. I don’t even mind too much if nobody ever reads it and I don’t really plan on it getting popular or sharing it with anyone or… really, I […]

There’s a lesson in that

I last updated my blog more than two years ago, when I was searching for work (I found it just a few months later). Just previous to that post, even more into past, I had renewed my enthusiasm for blogging and I was setting out to find the right way to live. I had a […]

Otsin tööd | I am searching for work

Ma otsin nüüd ametlikult tööd.  Ma olen sellele kaua mõelnud, kaheldes ja mõeldes, kas see on hea mõte, ja nüüdseks olen ma jõudnud paratamatule arusaamisele, et ma pean seda tegema. Ma olen flirtinud selle mõttega ka eelnevatel aastatel, kuid ma ei ole kunagi jõudnud kaugemale paarist tööintervjuust enne kui mu praegune tööandja on suutnud mind […]

Keep the reins strong and steady in your own hands

It always frustrates me if somebody gives away their initiative in life, but it actually puzzles me when they do it because they think that everything is predetermined anyway. I think that the fact is true that everything is predetermined – and this is precisely the reason we have to do our best to create a better future. I guess that sentence puzzles people just as much as giving up initiative because of a belief in an ascertained fate puzzles me, so I’ll explain a bit on this.

A new and fresh start, here again, I have come back to you. It has been some time, it has been different sites – but it doesn’t matter now. Now I am back here with you. Remember all the good times we were having the first time around? Oh, it was so long ago! Ten years, am I not right? I […]

Discover who you are

Zombieing around I see them, running in the mill I see them, drowning their misery in distractions I see them… I wonder if they even know they have more in them than this pointless existence. I think they have no idea. Oh yes, I know some of them believe they have found it – in […]