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Now I know, I am getting old – these days I mostly think only about my health. Well, there is a good-enough reason for that really, I had a tonsillectomy a few days ago. Yes, I had to look up … Continue reading

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see: definitions of Odium, if you don’t know the word. Kurjus (original title in Swedish: Ondskan)Jan GuillouTranslated into Estonian by Vladimir Beekmanthe book in Wikipediathe movie in Wikipedia Last night around 3AM I finished a book, something Wikipedia says is … Continue reading

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On the occasion of yearly Valentine’s Day I thought I’d write a bit about how I feel about love. I love it. That’s it! Well, there was more to say about it. First thing being that there is so much … Continue reading

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I seem to be an exception when it comes to music (or is it common and I haven’t noticed?). I really can enjoy practically every kind of music, I don’t choose the style even loosely. I have tried to rationalize … Continue reading

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Writing vs social situations

I love writing. More than speaking, more than socializing, more than messaging, calling, conversing, arguing … more than anything. I am that egocentric. I always find something to write about, just as there is always something to think about. What … Continue reading

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