300 words a day – can I do it?

I just joined a writers club – 300 words a day. I’ll paste what I wrote them:

I don’t know what you expect from this first mail. I’ll write something I feel has to be written right now.

I am not a writer. Yet? I hope so. I wish I was one day. I have been wanting to get off from procrastinatination and daydreaming. When I was a child I dreamt about being an author for some books one day. I knew

they had to be eliticist, the kind that literature critics adore – but as an adult I have been terrified of doing that first step and being no good as all beginners must be at first.

I have a blog. Many who have read it, have said I write well and I have good English (not my primary language). Not many have read it though and I haven’t fed the ones that have. There have been months and months I haven’t written anything there. Yet I have ideas. Ideas I know I have to get out of me, out into the open. Ideas for fun, ideas for serious texts, ideas that might grow into full books…

It’s the same about drawing and painting. As a child I wanted to be an artist as well. Ideas are here, in my head, wanting to get out…

I think I’ll try. It’s time.
Maybe some days I’ll tell about a painting that isn’t ready yet. For me, that counts for something as well.

I hope you’ll accept me amongst you.


PS: Not really 300 words this time, though. I’ll try to do better tomorrow.

I’m terrified. I hope I can do it. I hope it is good news for you, who will receive at least some of those 300-word essays…

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