I am a single mother (son born in 2002), who is working in IT (see my LinkedIn for more information) and dreaming of being more creative (writing stories, painting or drawing pictures, making handicraft etc) as a hobby. I have also touched quite a few other things in my life, as luck and circumstance would have it, and now I am setting on the path towards entrepreneurship. I named my start of a company Liriel OÜ and this blog will be repurposed as its website.

I live in Tallinn, Estonia. Historically, my blog has been in two languages, but I am moving towards more English now.

The blog heading ‘a drop in the time-sea’ comes from a poem I wrote – oh, too many years ago -, but one I still love and still believe in. More now than then even. It is in Estonian originally and I have yet to translate it as gracefully as it is in Estonian, but here is a robust translation.

We are in a time-sea
And everyone is a drop
And everyone is needed
To form the whole lot.

  And every drop is doing
  Whatever it's wanting to do
  And whatever the drop is wanting
  Is timely to the sea.

  And the color of each droplet
  Shows the color of time-sea
  And the road flown by each droplet
  Shows where goes the time-sea.

We are in a time-sea
And everyone is a drop
And if a drop changes
It will change the whole lot.

And in Estonian:

Me oleme ajameres
ja igaüks on üks tilk
ja iga tilk vajalik selleks,
et kokku saaks tervik.

  Ja iga tilk teeb seda,
  mis talle on vajalik.
  Ja see, mis huvitab teda,
  on merele ajalik.

  Ja iga tilga värv näitab,
  mis värvi on ajameri
  ja iga tilga tee näitab,
  kuhu liigub see ajameri.

Me oleme ajameres,
kus igaüks on üks tilk
ja ühe tilga muutudes
muutub ka tervik.

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