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Why you shouldn’t tell me about your dreams

I have written up many of my dreams – as in, dreams you have while sleeping at night-time not day-dreaming – some of them already in early teenage years. At first the reason was that I have had deja vu … Continue reading

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A flaw in nature documentaries

T: “I felt so sorry about sea lion pups being eaten by killer whales…” Me: “Did you also feel sorry for the polar bear?” T: Funny look. “No…” Laughs uncomfortably. (Approximate conversation after seeing Deep Blue in a cinema, a … Continue reading

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see: definitions of Odium, if you don’t know the word. Kurjus (original title in Swedish: Ondskan)Jan GuillouTranslated into Estonian by Vladimir Beekmanthe book in Wikipediathe movie in Wikipedia Last night around 3AM I finished a book, something Wikipedia says is … Continue reading

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