There’s a lesson in that

I last updated my blog more than two years ago, when I was searching for work (I found it just a few months later). Just previous to that post, even more into past, I had renewed my enthusiasm for blogging and I was setting out to find the right way to live. I had a […]

Writing vs social situations

I love writing. More than speaking, more than socializing, more than messaging, calling, conversing, arguing … more than anything. I am that egocentric. I always find something to write about, just as there is always something to think about. What I want, my little life, my hopes, dreams, happenings… What I did, what I should […]

Opening another new blog

… for another excitingly boring person. Oh, I just couldn’t be without a blog with this buzzword so much around. And today – not a very special day at all – I somehow decided, this should be it, this should be the day I start. Well, it is true that it is never worth waiting. […]