So, I’ve been mentioning about doing something for micro entrepreneurs and small businesses. I have already published this information in Facebook, but for those who are able to avoid the curse of being on that social marketing site, here you go. What I have been doing is AZZZA.

AZZZA is first a web shop where micro entrepreneurs can sell their stuff – and anyone can buy some amazing stuff that they might not known even existed. What makes it exciting for micro entrepreneurs, in my mind at least, is the aspect of CRM plus services to those micro entrepreneurs on the back end side of that shop. Indeed, it’s not mandatory for a micro entrepreneur to sell their products or services publicly on AZZZA front page – they could just use the app to organize their work and processes better.

Unfortunately, the page and articles are in Estonian only right now so unfortunately any non-Estonian speaker will not get enough information there right now. The reason for this is that we are starting on Estonian market only right now and based on how well it goes, we might go forward to other markets as well.

Actually, nothing workable is public yet (we are working on it – more about “we” in another post). If you do know Estonian, you can already go there and read the articles with more specifics what it is. You can also follow us on FB and Instagram as well as subscribe to the e-mail news letter. Not all of those channels work as well as they should be, yet, but we’re doing our best to make them work. It will take a bit. Just like it will take a bit to get the app working.

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