Some time ago I got my bathroom remade – practically from scratch. There is – and has always been – a small window in my bathroom. And it faces a staircase to another home squarely. Before the renovation there was a steel curtain, but it was cold and steely and I didn’t want it to stay. My bathroom has to be warm in colour and materials. The room got quite a bit narrower at that point as well and so I didin’t want any other type of curtain as well. What was left? Window art!

Now exclaimers:

* It was made over a period of many weeks but on only 3 occasions. Don’t look for coherent thought.

* It was made by me and my son – often fighting – and finally finished by me alone. Don’t look for coherent thought.

* At the time of finalizing it I had a crazy notion of dedicating it to the God of Random. Don’t look for any meaning or system.

* At the time of finalizing I listened to Huun-Huur-Tu. Find its influence on the pictures.

* It is really not very easy to get pictures at one metre across room – when there should be parallel lines and you only have your soapbox camera-dear. Be happy with what you got.

But otherwise enjoy your glimse into my bathroom window 🙂

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