Opening another new blog

… for another excitingly boring person.

Oh, I just couldn’t be without a blog with this buzzword so much around. And today – not a very special day at all – I somehow decided, this should be it, this should be the day I start. Well, it is true that it is never worth waiting. Any day is as good as another and no day is soon enough to start, yet there never seems to be a day special or meaningful enough to be a reason enough to start with such big a change to my life. Or yet, there doesn’t need to be a big reason at all. I might do it just out of spite, that this is no special day at all. Make it special as The Day Kaja Started Blogging. (Kaja, yes, that’s my real name. Means Echo by the way. Funny, huh.) Just start posting here and now – and this is what I am somehow doing just now. Not believing myself, what a clown I have suddenly become.

I’ll tell you what I plan on posting here so you can decide whether to come back or not:

  • A thought, that has come to me, that keeps on nagging me and doesn’t let me be at peace. I will have to blog it out of my mind. I do it, but it might not be nice or even interesting.
  • Random ramblings about stuff that make up my life, be it work (software analyst as I am), home (single mother and apartmentowner as I am), friends (different persons, all of them earning my respect in another different way), hobbies (you’ll probably see my latest paintings and ideas of handicraft) and …
  • Trying out some ideas I think on turning into books or poems or novels or paintings or something. More for the writing itself, less for readers’ comments. Though I am sure to be flattered by most of the replies. If anyone bothers to comment, I’ve made a difference and it makes me glad 🙂
  • Random bits of conversation, where I somehow reveal another part of my personality or are some other way meaningful or seem to be worth making them accessible to everyone. These will be bits from real-life conversations and some real characters from my life will be involved. Yet as this blog is primarily about me, the personality and even identity of the person the conversation was had originally will be as marginal as someone can be, who just prompted me on a train of thought, just made me write up something about myself. I promise to protect the identity, always. Except when asked otherwise by the person. Yet these might be some very personal bits from the perspective of me. Please don’t judge me by only one of them. I hope to evolve and become better and more intelligent and more wise postly.
  • etc… I don’t know. Maybe there will be some etc. Yet just as possible is that I stop blogging after this first day (which is not even dawning yet) and you can never read even something about these things promised here earlier… Yet one thing I post for sure – link to my real homepage – There you have it. Too static to be contemporary 🙂

One warning, though. This blog will be partially in Estonian, which is my mother-tongue. When writing especially for the blog, I’ll be writing in English to practice this skill, yet when quoting some real-life event I might be lazy enough to ditch all translation, just paste the text, and let everyone decide for themselves whether to learn Estonian, the most beautiful of all my mother-tongues, not read my blog or wait for a other post, which might be in English.

Actually, I don’t really care, if there is anyone out there, who would want to read my blog. I write for my enjoyment and practice, primarily, and for readers’ interest, second. So don’t bother commenting how boring you find my blog. Don’t read it then!

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