I was in a hurry to get there on time – I had registered to a course in painting and drawing a few weeks ago, but it turned out to be a busy week and I had had to stop working without completing the task I was currently working on. I just had to get […]

300 words a day – can I do it?

I just joined a writers club – 300 words a day. I’ll paste what I wrote them: I don’t know what you expect from this first mail. I’ll write something I feel has to be written right now. I am not a writer. Yet? I hope so. I wish I was one day. I have been wanting to […]

pisi-mõte töö ajal arvuti kaudu suhtlemisest

Tihti teen ma tööd ja samal ajal vestlen seltskondlikult mõne sõbraga arvutis leiduva tarkvara abil. See on omamoodi kummaline… Siin väike vestlus sel teemal(vestluse avaldamiseks on luba küsitud, vestluspartneri nimi ära muudetud vastavalt tema soovile): liriel ütleb (11:03): teen siin kõrval vaikselt oma tööd eksole.. K. ütleb (11:03): einoh muidugi, nagu minagi… vähemalt natukese aja […]

Social vices

One of the biggest surprises in connection with my son’s first year in school has been the depth of my feelings when my son has reprimands in his diary. Every one of them I feel to be a reproach to me, that I have been the one to do something wrong; and on the other […]

Shining people, hidden

The first painting I did ever do by myself (not under the guidance of somebody else), years ago, was “Of Who I Am” (see right, click to see bigger, sorry for bad quality). That one surprised even me with how shining the colors were and how right it seemed about me. But it also got […]


Years ago when I still had a boyfriend, I went to cinema with him. I don’t remember who chose the movie we watched or why, I rather think it was just a chance that it happened to be this one. I watched it, eyes on screen at all times. It was exciting, it was full […]

Why you shouldn’t tell me about your dreams

I have written up many of my dreams – as in, dreams you have while sleeping at night-time not day-dreaming – some of them already in early teenage years. At first the reason was that I have had deja vu moments so often, even in a way that I remember having told about that dream […]

Beer: the drink of the ****s

Now there’s a topic you wouldn’t expect me to think on after going to a rock festival. You’d think I’d rant about the awful weather, the incomprehensive choice of artists or a praise about the interesting people met there. Yet its the topic of the drink, most specifically beer, that got my attention as a topic this […]

Opeth: an outsider’s concert review

It has been a busy month for me, concert-wise. I have gone to listen to some very different types of music and, generalist as I am when it concerns music, I have found something for myself from each of those styles and artists. However, in one aspect the concert today was totally different – I […]