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Our team of analysts provides customized tech solutions to elevate business operations.
With a commitment to surpassing expectations, we aim to enhance productivity and efficiency.

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IT Systems Analysis

The IT analysis team enhances an organization’s efficiency by reviewing procedures, identifying areas for improvement and recommending solutions. 

They  ensure successful implementation leading to better resource utilization, productivity, and competitiveness.

Business Analysis

Business analysts identify and solve complex business problems through detailed analysis and research. 

BAs gather technical and non-technical data, develop requirements, and ensure solutions meet business needs. They are essential to project success.

Train your team

Our team is dedicated to elevating the quality of IT systems and/or business analysis for upcoming projects. 

We strive to enhance performance, efficiency, and overall excellence. Count on us to deliver exceptional results and drive success in your future endeavors.

About Us

Liriel was born out of growing demand for higly adaptable, professional and dependable services, thereby addressing the need for greater flexibility in the industry.

We have combined cross-industry experience of 30 years and strong IT background, we offer unique opportunities that others may miss.

Our reliability, systematic approach and out-of-the box thinking enable us to generate unique and creative solutions.



Our aim is to optimize business processes and achieve organisational goals by leveraging the best available tools and technologies.

We pride ourselves in our flexibility, providing services precisely where they are most needed. Our mission is to promote more effective business practices and offer well-considered solutions.


At Liriel, we prioritize our clients’ key performance indicators (KPIs), ensuring that they achieve their specific goals and objectives.

Hire Us As


Consultants offer specialized knowledge and services to improve business performance.

They work on short or long-term projects. With extensive experience and education, they offer valuable insights into various industries.

Hiring a consultant is a shrewd investment for any business looking for a competitive edge.


Trainers for your team

Offer your team IT and business analysis training to improve productivity, decision-making, and efficiency.

Investing in this training ensures your team is skilled with IT systems and analyzing data, leading to growth and success.

Explore training options to keep up with new technologies and practices in the business world.


Our projects have helped accomplish goals for these businesses:

Why Choose Us?

We can support and strengthen your business. Our team prioritizes clients, providing valuable resources and expertise to enhance your success.

We listen and provide solutions, care about your business, have experience and certifications for quality service. We’re creative and offer innovative strategies. We work remotely or on-site, with the ultimate goal of ensuring your satisfaction.

Have a Project on mind?

Turn your ideas into reality with our expert guidance.

Achieve exceptional results in IT Systems and Business Analysis.

Contact us now to embark on a transformative journey towards success.

Let us together build a flourishing business

By investing in our analysis and optimization services, companies can achieve more effective processes and ultimately generate increased revenue.

This means that with the same initial investment, businesses can make a greater impact on the world around us while maximizing their financial potential.

By partnering with us in IT Systems & Business Analysis, you are not on the journey of growing your business alone.


Your Trusted Partners

Highly Motivated Team with Innovative Ideas

We are here to be your dedicated partner in success, supporting your team and organization every step of the way.

Our commitment to exceptional service goes beyond expectations.

Experience the power of optimized processes and increased revenue through our top-notch analysis services.

Together, let’s maximize your impact and unlock your financial potential.

Get ready for an exciting transformative journey ahead!



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