Today I did what I haven’t done for ages. What I should have done months ago. I made photographs of my paintings – to be uploaded here and to my homepage. The paintings were ready in November, but I haven’t took the time to take pictures of them. By the way – taking a good picture of a painting is not easy. The hardest part is to get your camera to be parallel to the picture. I can never do it quite perfectly so I’ll cut some edges and corners of the picture afterwards. Another difficulty is of getting the light just right to let camera see the right colors on the pics. And this is another thing I fail at constantly. I change the color balance/contrast/lightness later in some picture editing program just to make it closest to the real thing, but it is never quite perfect. So, I’m sorry, but that’s unavoidable until it is me to do it. Any volunteers to do it better..?

Anyhow, here they are.


Wet Fire

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  1. I like the Unconquerable ball thingy! 8)
    It surprises how bright and energetic your pictures are, the few I have seen, at least.
    Knowing you only fleetingly, I expected something more… dark and conservative 😉
    No offense. 😀

    Anyway, what I actually wanted to ask is your opinion on this guy:
    and his “Domestic Tension”.

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