Why you shouldn’t tell me about your dreams

I have written up many of my dreams – as in, dreams you have while sleeping at night-time not day-dreaming – some of them already in early teenage years. At first the reason was that I have had deja vu moments so often, even in a way that I remember having told about that dream to someone specific and it happens later in a context that I couldn’t have guessed to be possible at the time of telling about it. But, of course nobody ever remembered what dreams I had told them about. So I started to write them up in hopes that in the future I’ll have a proof that I really head seen this in a dream before. That proof is still to be found although deja vu happens to me just as often as at that time. I have learned to ignore it now, and people around me probably don’t even notice that I am experiencing that at the moment.

Now I have read about tests where deja vu has been induced by influencing certain areas of the brain and that has, of course, convinced me that there can’t be any predictions in those dreams I had previously written up. Not a prediction about a definite situation in the future (even though this isn’t impossible theoretically, oh I’ll have to get to explaining why I think so, but this isn’t the topic of this post) nor a prediction by interpreting the symbols seen there (for example, seeing money in a dream means an accident etc). Though while writing about them, I have often found connections between those dreams and what I have been living through at the time, what I have been thinking of, what I have been fearing or hoping.

Again, that New Scientist has broadened my knowledge about what is a dream. Getting asleep doesn’t happen by some on/off switch – a person is asleep or not. As much as I understand it, it is considered sleeping when certain areas of the brain are resting, getting there is a smooth process where more and more of the brain cells turn into resting mode. Which means that some part of the brain is stull active and awake while you are seeing dreams. That is important. REM-sleep, e.g. the time when people see dreams, is that part of the sleeping, when brain is most active. These are some of the pieces of knowledge that have reached me through different articles.

I am deducing from that and from my experience while writing up my dreams, that dreams might not be important as predictors, but they are important and meaningful nonetheless. I have started to think that a dream is the way the awake and active part of the brain tries to think based on partial information and tries to find something logical from that thinking. Of course the result is extremely absurd, because some part of the brain, that would be important to think that thought usually, might be asleep and doesn’t give its part. But then again that absurd vision can tell much about the seeer. Especially to a person, who knows them and can see the thinking patterns characteristic to that person in the vision, make connections to the facts that are known about their life. Because what else can a brain put into its thoughts than what the person is thinking anyway, what they are afraid of, hoping for, dreaming about…

And that is why you don’t hear me telling about my dreams very often. They are my secret world that I don’t want to open up for anyone – who knows what they would be able to read from them about me. It may well be something I haven’t recognized myself yet. And maybe I would keep quiet if I did. But you will find me listening to you telling about your dreams attentively and interestedly. They tell stories about the person, what they really are about – and this is why I am associating with you at all. Your contents. These are stories that are bigger than the moment they are told at; they are pieces of a puzzle that will be added by you to a whole in an unexpected moment. And all of you, you are so open and honest in telling those seemingly absurd and unimportant dreams that it is so easy to find the right place for that piece, and the results are ever more exciting.

It may seem strange then that I am continuing the practice of writing up the dreams even now. It’s only that in that brain, that is only halfway working, thoughts are created that you can never think of while you’re fully awake and having all the usual thinking patterns and limits. To exemplify, I am going to tell you a bit about one of my favorites.

The idea was that in that dream there was a God, who had a son. The son was a teenager and absolutely out of control – people called him the Satan. He was everything that the Christian religions have always described Satan to be like. Sensual tempter, awaker and promoter of all society’s vices. He lived a life of enjoyment – drank, injected and brawled, party was after a party -; he beat up, killed, raped and everything else that ever has been imagined as a vice; and above all he was promoting everybody to do that with him.

The important fact was, that in my dream they had this close bond of relation between them. I think that only those that have children themselves can understand what that really means. At least I gained a new perspective on my parents after I gave birth to my son, although I loved them before that as well. That means that you love your child no matter what he or she is like. It is absolutely irrelevant. And that is how that allpowerful and allknowing and allwhateverelse God his son the Satan. Oh yea, he could have kept his son on the leash or swipe him off in a way that nobody would even remember him. He was allpowerful after all. But because this was his son, he loved him. His punishments were mild and were rather on the level of a warning. The son was of course afraid of his father, but then again knew that nothing fatal or final couldn’t happen to him from his father, because the God was allforgiving, at least where his son was involved. What he was like towards usual people this dream of mine wasn’t telling about.

The knowledge of that close relationship put the God’s followers, that had to fight the vices, in a very complex situation. On one hand you had to fight with evil because of what the God has taught them, have to fight Satan and his ideas. On the other hand you couldn’t hurt Satan, who was the son of God after all, because if you don’t know how even the most timid parent protects their child, doesn’t know much about the nature. Not to mention someone as allmighty as the God. So it was, that if you were hurting Satan, then you had followed the God’s specific orders, lived by the rules given by him, but on the other hand you risked the God’s anger for having pestered his dear son…

I was a monk of that religion, and I was just fighting the Satan…

Fantastic dream! Reality is so similar to that, that I am really sorry that Christianity hasn’t added that nuance to its tellings, that would explain many an illogical turn of events, and at the same time would help understand life and what anything’s good for, better.

Another of my dreams can be read in one of my previous posts, Beautiful and magnificient beings.


I’m bullshitting you. I am not a scientist and this is only an intuitive feeling about that topic that I know only as much as I have read in some popular science articles 🙂

And another: I am not religious, but this famous story has been interesting enough to get aquinted with it. So don’t expect me to regret such sacrilege. For me this is just an interesting idea to spice up an interesting story.

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